Saturday, February 4, 2012


This won't be long and drawn out, I have a lot to do today, but answers, whoa daddy are there answers!

  1. A $200 check from the church of a family member, totally unsolicited.  (as mentioned previously, we have had a serious financial strain come up).
  2. A $190 gas card from a family member, totally unsolicited.
  3. I found out that I have mono, that is why I am not well.  While not a "blessing" it is better than some of the things we tested for, and now we know what to
  4. Our church is going to be providing temporary "emergency" respite for us for a few months.  (See number 3.)
  5. I think we are getting a handle on Ben's sleep.
  6. We are all studying scripture and praying more.
  7. Alex has been petrified when discussing his swimming for two weeks, since he was getting sick last time he went and it was traumatic.  This morning he it totally cool with swimming today.
There is more, this is just on the tip of my tongue.  I knew, knew, knew that God was leading me into this fast as part of his plan, and that those that joined in agreement were also so led.  God is good.  All glory to him!

Get out of here, you Devil's crew: 
      at last God has heard my sobs. 
   My requests have all been granted, 
      my prayers are answered.   Psalm 6:8-9 msg


  1. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! Giving God the glory with you!!! That is all awesome news!!!