Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spreading My Wings

For months now I have been praying for patience, for strength, for endurance, for joy, for peace.  To a great extent God provided me a portion of His patience, strength, endurance, joy and peace, and much much more to sustain me during a difficult time.

Now, as we are moving into a "new normal" a plateau, so to speak, He is showing me how to take care of myself and multiply the goodness He gives me.

Many of you know that I have started P90X, an intense full body fitness workout series.  During the summer I tried to walk or jog a few times a week, and was eating healthier than I was during the spring.  (OK, during the spring I self-medicated a pretty deep depression with Oreos, for what it's worth).  A friend had given me the P90X video series, which I let sit in Mike's dresser for a couple of months.  Then, little by little I started trying it.  I liked it, and jumped into the whole program, and now am typically doing "doubles" or "two a day's" every day.

This is such an incredible answer to prayer!!  I feel beyond great, I feel phenomenal.  I have energy, strength, joy and am living so abundantly!  I have more of myself to give to the ones I love, and a better quality me to give.  I have worked out much of the chronic neck, upper back and arm pain that I have had for years and I sleep like a baby (when Ben allows).

I am so thankful for my healthy body and the ability to do this, and that God led me in this direction as an answer to prayer.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

Friday, September 17, 2010


In mid-August Ben entered the maintenance portion of his chemotherapy for his leukemia.  I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the day my cocoon started to open.

I really didn't even know I was in a cocoon if I'm being honest.  In much the same way you know something is not right but you can't put your finger on it while you are dreaming, then you wake up to recognize that the odd feeling you had was because you were not in reality, I have emerged from a cocoon realizing I was there after the fact.

This year has been a deep, dark barrel of horror, when expressed in retrospect.  It is ironic how during the nightmare I didn't have a full realization of how horrific it was.

I am so thankful to have emerged, and for the protection from the reality of the situation in the midst of it.  I have a new appreciation for the light of day, and low and behold, I believe I may have even sprouted a set of wings while encapsulated. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

Hannah started Freedom Christian School's home school partnership today.  She will be attending Freedom 2 days/week and home schooled 3 days/week.

Hannah doesn't like change too much.  New location, new kids, new teachers, finding a new locker and new stress.

So as we parked in the parking lot a bit before school was to start, we said a brief prayer together.  It was not grand wording or anything, it was simply asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout her day and for her to see God's presence.

As we walked in, there sat the one little girl that she had already met at the open house.  The little girl whose locker was next to Hannah's.  With a sigh of relief Hannah said "hi".  I had planned to go in with Hannah and get her settled, however at this point I was totally superfluous.  You see, as quickly as a walk from the car to the door, our prayer had been answered.  The Holy Spirit met her right at the door in the form of a friendly face.

God is so cool!