Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Answered Prayer

We often talk of unanswered prayers and think of answered prayer as a big mystery.  I am not so sure I see it that way.  My family has certainly received some miraculous answered prayers, but even more so, we have gotten the every day answers.

A recent example came the other day, when everyone was cranky.  Hannah, in her bedtime prayers prayed person by person through the house that God would "help us not be so cranky".  As she continued to pray, she asked for blessings on the many people who have been laid on our hearts, for Haiti, that our church does so much to support, and for Zambia, the GEMS girls club mission focus.  Then she prayed for "all the kids starving in Japan".

Hannah has recently learned of Weird Al's "Eat It".  She has become quite a fan, and took him quite literally that Japan was a mecca of starving children.

As you could imagine, I could hardly keep from laughing.  As soon as the "amen" was out, I busted up.  We talked about the reliability of Weird Al lyrics as a source of prayer requests, and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Then we looked at each other, realizing that her prayer to "help momma not to be so cranky" had been answered, while she was still praying. 

That is the beauty of noticing God in the ordinary.  There is nothing unusual about an 11 year old girl misunderstanding something and making her mom laugh, but when God is in it, it is a beautiful thing!

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